Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sweet Swan in paperback?

I have an agent! A book agent. One who knows what I'm capable of and thinks it's perfectly viable to find a publisher to put Sweet Swan of Avon: Did a Woman Write Shakespeare? into paperback. Bless his heart. With the two documentaries about Mary Sidney coming out this year, it shouldn't be too difficult to sell to a publisher, I hope. Then we can start promoting it to book clubs and do a new push.

This agent is also interested in selling my book about starting your own Shakespeare reading group. I was astounded, while speaking on the Shakespeare at Sea cruise, how few people actually read Shakespeare! It's so great to read a play in a group, especially. And with things showing up like brain gyms specifically for boomers and older, it's an indication of how much people might actually enjoy learning something new in this way. If you have any experience with a Shakespeare reading group and are interested in sharing, please let me know.

And My Agent is also interested in shopping my book about the women in Shakespeare -- a fun, illustrated look at 52 women and what they accomplished. Then those books will open the doors to other projects! woo hoo! I've got a long list of projects already on my plate and can't wait to dive in.


  1. I would love to know any details of the two documentaries you mention that are coming out on Mary Sidney. Could they be posted on the website?

    PS I loved the book!

  2. One documentary is from a Canadian television station. It will be a half-hour segment in their series called Truth Be Known.

    Another full featured doc is still in the speculative stages with a company in New York. They're working with the BBC and getting funding, so I don't have details on that yet. When and if something definite happens, I'll certainly post details!

  3. Gary J. Gaertner10:01 AM, May 19, 2010

    Ms Williams: Have any documentaries on the subject been completed? Are any available for purchase? Is the Canadian episode available through a Canadian supplier? Thank you.