Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Catching up

I see there are some questions in the comments that I haven't answered, me being such a lame blogger.

Regarding the paperback: the agent never could find a publisher so I will be editing and updating the book this fall and releasing it myself. That's the plan, anyway. A friend in Germany suggested I also do a "lite" version, which is an interesting idea.

Regarding the Canadian documentary: It never happened. I have no idea why -- someone called just a few months before the summer they wanted to schedule it, but I never heard from them again. John and I have it on our list to create a nice DVD of my presentation so there will be something for teachers to show students, at least. Or anyone else who might be interested.

Sweet Swan of Avon, the book, has been optioned by a fabulous team of producers in Hollywood, though. They are extremely interested and committed and have produced remarkable (and well-known) films. I've been asked not to say much about it at this point, though.

Regarding Mary Sidney's will: That's a question I've wondered often myself -- how unusual was it for a woman in her position to not have a will? It's been on my list for a long time to do some research on that, and now that I have access (as a student) to a much greater pool of information, I'll put that on my list again.

I will be doing several presentations about Mary Sidney in northern California in late October. I'll post a schedule when it gets closer. If you're interested in organizing a talk for your own group in that area, just let me know!

more real soon now . . . . . . . . :-)